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Status Icons

Status Icons
Icons Name Description Details
HoT/Healing  Heal Template: WrapClass
Mucous  Basic Template The Alien Commander provided you an additional shield through a Drifter.
Templatename: Status:OnFire
00Templatename: Status:OnFire11 22 33

Effects of being On Fire:

  • Hives will not heal units.
  • Crags will not heal units.
  • Shifts will not regenerate the energy pool.
  • Shades will not cloak nearby units.
  • Whips will not attack.
Tip: This attribute would make it very useful for assaulting fortified positions, such as Hives and Tunnels.

Removal of On Fire

  • Heal Spray of the Gorge can instantly extinguish the Fire.
  • After the burning time limit of the weapon is reached.
Note: Currently only the Flamethrower sets structures On Fire
Fire  Fire Without Template wrapping the Template manually