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A lot of Marines will complain or eject you at the start of the round if you deviate from the default start, especially if you do not communicate your intentions.

This is a Guide from the Marine Commander Guides!

Default Tech Path Guide

This is an example that should help newer players to be a better commander and have a better experience for your first time commanding.

Default Start Tech

  1. Drop Armslab (at a corner far away from your Command Station where it can be covered if you have to jump out)
  2. Drop both Naturals (2 Resource Towers near Marine Base)
  3. Research Armor 1 on the Armslab (gives Marines free additional bite)
  4. Drop all relevant Power Nodes so Marines don't need to wait for you to drop them.
  5. Drop the next Resource Tower
  6. Research Armor 2 (or Weapon 1), even if Armor 2 is more expensive it is recommended, since the free additional bite has a far bigger impact for Marines.

After this point it depends on your strategy.


  • Do not drop the Armory at the start since you need the resources for Armor 1 and the first 3 RTs! Otherwise you'll slow your expansion.
  • Use Medpacks to support crucial positions or your strongest players.

Default follow-up Tech

At this point you can deviate from this guide!

Now you usually see:

  • Drop new Resource Towers as you see fit
  • Order is depending on your style and situations

  1. Drop Armory (for Welder / Handgrenade research / Observatory)
  2. Drop Observatory
  3. Research Phase Tech
  4. Drop Phase Gate at a central Position (Marines should be able to cover it from all entrances of a room from a distance)
  5. Research Weapon 1 + 2
  6. Third Infantry Portal (Maybe earlier, to prevent long spawn queue) or Research Shotguns, Hand Grenades (In case of aggressive Lerks research Shotguns more early)


  • Armor 3 does not protect you against an additional bite, thus it is only useful for Exosuits or once you have everything researched.