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Lerk Movement
Gliding Video
  • If you hold the Jump button
    you can glide in all directions with your current speed you gained by flapping
(Counter-)Strafe Mechanics
  • You do not gain a speedboost by using strafe keys, since you already gain high speed with a few quick flaps
It is still important to use Counterstrafe as Lerk because your Lerk model and camera tilts. That has several advantages:
  1. Your wings move quicker around a corner (you get hit by less bullets)
  2. You can see where your lerk is moving more clearly and you can actually hit your targets while turning
  3. Your evasive movement is much harder to track
Crouch Diving
  • If you press the detach button
    you can detach yourself from a wall or rapidly dive down without being forced to look down.
Flapping upwards
  • If you press the Jump button quickly
    without pressing the Forward button
you will gain height quickly while still maintaining any forward momentum you already had.
While doing this you can turn in every direction allowing for better use of Spikes
Spiking Mines
  • The easiest way to spike a Mine and still be a harder target for a Marine is by quickly flying forwards (
    ) and backwards (
    ) for a second.