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Fade Movement
Counter-Strafe Mechanics Video
  • The speed you gain by using blink will almost instantly be lost if you change direction in the air without using Counter-Strafing.
With the use of these techniques you can use Celerity without draining your energy pool to quickly.
Tapping blink
  • If you tap Blink your speed will increase quite a bit.
In order to maintain this speed without wasting energy you can queue your Jump by holding
after you blink.
Holding blink (not recommended!!)
  • While holding the blink button your speed will constantly increase slightly. This is generally very rarely useful.
Only when there is no room to evade anyway or to prevent Mines from detonating.
This method is not recommended due to it's high energy consumption.
  • Using Metabolize (
    ) might put you in danger because during the cooldown phase you cannot Swipe and it stops your current Blink.
Try to use Metabolize carefully during battle and use a blink instantly after using Metabolize
  • It is often helpful that you press the crouch button
  1. You do not get stuck in the air or ceiling - especially while queue jumping (B327 helps with this one)
  2. You are smaller than a Marine if you land in front of him making it harder to track
  3. You can more easily Swipe a Marines while flying over him or jumping off his head