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This template is used for all units and structures. Click edit, copy the sample template, and paste into the top of the unit or structure page.

Sample Template

Marine portrait.jpg
"Hey, I need a quote in here!"
Additional Description, keep it short!
TSA.png Frontiersmen
Kharaa.png Kharaa
Personal Resources
Icon personal resource neutral.png 0
Team Resources
Marines res.png 0
Icon marine supply.gif 0 / 200
Icon kharaa supply.gif 0 / 200
Icon resources energy neutral.gif 100
Respawns In: 0 seconds
Respawns From: Infantry Portal/Egg
Spawns From: Command Station/Hive
Move Speed: 0
Air Speed: 0
Ground Speed: 0
Crouch Speed: 0
Infestation Speed: 0
Slide Speed: 0
Wall Speed: 0
Abilities and Upgrades
Abilities and Upgrades
Sprint, Leap
Carapace, Regeneration, Vampirism,
Adrenaline, Celerity, Crush,
Camouflage, Aura, Focus
Research Stuff
Tech Requirements:
Arms Lab
Build Time: 0 seconds
Builds From: Extractor
Researches From: Command Station
Buy From: Harvester
Purchase By: Player
Hotkey: A
Limit: 3 per player
Duration: 0 seconds
Gestation Time: 0 seconds
Mature Time: 0 seconds
Research Time: 0 seconds


marinename The name of the class belonging to Frontiersmen (blue background)
alienname The name of the class belonging to Kharaa (orange background)
icon An iconic image for the class
quote A quote for the class (comes with quotation marks and italized)
description Additional description
marines State the race of the class (Frontiersmen, blue background)
aliens State the race of the class (Kharaa, orange background)
pres Personal Resources cost for the class
tres Team Resources cost for the class
marinesupply Supply points required by the Frontiersmen structure
aliensupply Supply points required by the Kharaa structure
health Total health pool for the class
armor Total armor pool for the class
energy Total energy pool for the class
respawn Respawn time for the class
respawnfrom Respawn location for the class
speed Movement speed for the class
airspeed Air movement speed for the class
landspeed Ground movement speed for the class
crouchspeed Ground movement speed when crouching for the class
infestspeed Infestation movement speed for the class
slidespeed Movement speed when belly-sliding for the Gorge
wallspeed Wall movement speed for the Skulk
marinecat1 First category (e.g. Abilities and Upgrades)
aliencat1 First category (e.g. Abilities and Upgrades)
ability List of abilities of the class
evolution List of evolutions accessible to the class (Kharaa lifeforms): They are hardcoded!
upgrade List of upgrades for the class
marinecat2 Second category (e.g. Miscellaneous)
aliencat2 Second category (e.g. Miscellaneous)
build Build time for the class
buildfrom What the class is built from
researchfrom What the class is researched from
buyfrom Where the class is bought from
buy Who or what buys the class
evolutioncost The cost per Alien evolution for that Alien class
hotkey Default hotkey for unit or structure in commander menu
duration Duration or life time of the class
gestate Gestation time for the class (Kharaa lifeforms)
mature Mature time for the class (Kharaa structures)
research Research time for the class
prereq The class requires what to be existing, in order to be accessed.
unlock What the class unlocks by existing, such as research, upgrades, or structures

Parameters Design

floatleft            Sets the style attributes in <div style="float:right;clear:right;" > around the table to left
notitle parameters marinename and alienname will not be shown