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Bile Bomb
Bile bomb slot.gif
Launches a metal-corroding bile sac that explodes on impact, dealing damage over time to all Frontiersmen units and structures in the splash radius.
  • Bile Bomb projectile moves in an arc. The higher you throw, the farther it flies.
  • Only damages armor for Marine and Exosuit.
  • Damages both Health and Armor for robots and structures.
  • Corrodes and destroys dropped weapons on the ground.
  • Damage over time effect can stack by applying Bile Bomb again.
  • Bomb projectile evaporates when burned by Flamethrower.
Mouse 1
Energy Icon resources energy neutral.gif 20
Damage 55 per second
Type Corrode
Range Variable
Radius 6
Fire Rate 1 seconds
Duration 5 seconds
Targets Armor, Robots, Structures, Weapons
Requires Biomass level 3, Research Bile Bomb