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Babbler Bait
Babbler bait slot.gifBabbler pheromones.gif
Throws a shiny, bouncy ball to attract nearby Babblers belonging to the Gorge.
  • Only 1 ball can be active at a time.
  • 3 types of orders for Babblers:
    • Move to location when throwing on the ground.
    • Attack a Frontiersmen unit or structure when hitting an enemy target.
    • Cling to a Kharaa lifeform when hitting a friendly target.
  • Bounce off a wall or the ground to make Babblers cling to yourself.
Mouse 1
Energy Icon resources energy neutral.gif 7
Range 8
Radius 20 (Babbler search range)
Duration 5 seconds
Max Amount 1 per player
Targets Marines, Lifeforms, Robots, Structure, Ground
Requires Biomass level 1, Upgrade Gorge (Hive)