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SR3 Stryker Folding Axe
Damage 25 / (27.5 / 30 / 32.5) per swing
Type Structural
Fire Rate 0.45 seconds


The Switch-Axe replaces the knife from NS1. It provides self-defense against lower Kharaa lifeforms as a last resort and excels at dealing consistent damage against Kharaa structures. Once weapons level upgrades are researched from the Arms Lab by the Marine Commander, the switch-axe will increase in damage potency.

The Switch-Axe cannot be dropped but it can be replaced with the Welder. You may also enter any Exosuit by pressing 'e'.

Tactical Summary

  • If safe, use the Switch-Axe to take down Alien Structures; it deals more damage over time and saves ammo.
  • Try to stay in a group; if you get caught hacking away at Alien Structures alone, you'll most likely lose the engagement.
  • Time your Hits to deal maximum DPS, rather than just holding down the fire button.
  • Use the Switch-Axe as a last resort in an engagement; it's better to try to reload your Pistol and dodge at the same time.
  • Don't run with the Switch-Axe out; the Pistol is the same speed and offers more damage output if ambushed.
  • Axe is the only weapon whose rate of fire is increased with use of Catalyst Pack. (The reason is that Axe uses its reload animation as attack one.)

Warning: It is not recommended to use the Axe unless you are an experienced player.

The time needed to switch to another weapon is quite long and your positioning close to a structure is not optimal. A Marine who is alive is more valuable than a dead Marine.