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Alien fade normal front.png
Kharaa.png Fade
Personal Resources
Icon personal resource neutral.png 37 (+5 per Evolution)
250 (+5 per Biomass)
80 (93 / 107 / 120)
Icon resources energy neutral.gif 100 (110 / 120 / 130)
Respawns In: 10 seconds
Air Speed: 16.25 (Blink)
Ground Speed: 6.2 (7.7 / 9.2 / 10.7)
Crouch Speed: 3.1
Abilities and Upgrades
Alien Vision, Evolve Menu, Hive Sight, Blink, Swipe
Carapace, Regeneration, Vampirism,
Adrenaline, Celerity, Crush,
Camouflage, Aura, Focus
Metabolize at Biomass 3, Advance Metabolize at Biomass 6, Stab at Biomass 7
Buy From: Evolve Menu
Purchase By: Player
Gestation Time: 25 seconds
This deadly assassin can blink into battle and assassinate targets with his claws. Can evolve metabolize to regain energy and advanced metabolize for both energy and health.

In-game description.


The Fade is Anti-Infantry Assassin-class Alien. It is Bipedal and Humanoid-like in appearance and uses its Blink ability to teleport short distances across the map.


The Fade is a tough and versatile lifeform that has the unique ability to regenerate its health and energy at an increased rate in the field, thanks to its Metabolize and Advanced Metabolize abilities. Skilled Fades can severely punish a Marine team and will win the majority of 1v1 engagements however, similar to the Lerk, a Fade can be stopped quickly by a few well placed Shotgun rounds.


Moving with Blink

Fades rely on Blink to traverse the map they cannot run and are very vulnerable when not moving. The first thing a prospective Fade player must learn is how to use Blink to move effectively. Using Blink depletes energy very quickly, even with the Metabolize ability available. Rather keeping Blink activated, a Fade player should alternate between Blinking and Jumping, usually jumping twice for each short burst of Blink. Correctly timing this will result in a very high speed and maneuverability across the Map.

Additional information about movement techniques can be found in Movement techniques.

Attacking with Blink

The primary attack of the Fade is the very effective Swipe. This attack can make short work of a Marine, especially at lower Armour levels. A Fade can blink in any direction, even up toward the ceiling, this makes you a far more difficult target than if you were to stay at ground level. When attacking as a Fade, a player should know 3 things. When to fight, when not to fight and when to run. As a general rule, You should fight when your enemy is a lone marine, you should not fight when outnumbered or not at full health and you should run as soon as your armour is depleted, if you are uncertain that your enemy is one swipe away from death. When striking a Marine with Swipe, try not to stand still. Constant movement will make you a hard target to hit.

Attacking structures

The primary attack of the fade does a limited amount of damages to armored buildings. It is however fully effective against building who only have health remaining. Use it to finish off low phase gates, powernodes and extractors.

Tactical Summary - Fade

  • Master moving early on, alternate a short burst of blink with jumping.
  • Know when to fight, when not to fight and when to run.
  • Don't stay still in combat, constantly blink around and change direction often. Use the ceiling space to make Marines shoot up at you, while other lifeforms attack from the ground.


Main article: Options.


Main article: Movement techniques.



Slashes a target with razor-sharp blades that deal extra damage to players.

Icon swipe.png
Mouse 1
Energy Icon resources energy neutral.gif 7
Damage (75 vs Players) 37.5 vs Structures
Type Puncture
Range Melee
Fire Rate 0.5 seconds
Targets Marines, Robots, Structures


Enters hyperspace to travel forward quickly.

Blink slot.gif
  • Appears as a shadowy mist.
    • Collision does not change.
    • Continues to receive damage.
    • Mines don't detonate by a blinking Fade
  • Accelerates the Fade's move speed.
    • Hold to increase move speed continuously.
    • Tap to increase move speed temporarily.
  • Player perspective gradually changes to violet color scheme.
Energy Icon resources energy neutral.gif 14 (start), 32 (channel)
Speed Base speed + 9.6
Cooldown 0.4 seconds
Blink Jump
Fade blink jump.png
How to Blink Jump:
  • Tap Blink once, then release button.
  • Continue to jump after touching the ground to retain momentum. (Hold jump button before touching the ground)
Mouse 2
(Blink) +
Energy Icon resources energy neutral.gif 14
Speed Base speed + 9.6

Additional information about movement techniques can be found in Movement.


The Fade recovers some energy. When Advance Metabolize is researched, the Fade also recovers some health.

(Advanced) Metabolize
Icon metabolize.png
  • Stimulates adrenal glands in the Fade's armpits to recover some energy.
  • Advance Metabolize replaces Metabolize when researched.
  • Advance Metabolize recovers some health as well as energy.
TRes Icon team resource neutral.gif 20
(research 40, 45 (Adv.M.) seconds)
Energy Icon resources energy neutral.gif 25
Cooldown 0.73 seconds
Targets Self
Requires Biomass level 3, Research Metabolize then Biomass level 5, Research Advance Metabolize

Tip: You can instantly Blink after Metabolizing, but there is a delay before you can Swipe.


After a short delay, the Fade uses both scythes to stab a target for high damage.

Icon stab.png
  • The Fade cannot Blink or Jump during the attack delay.
  • The Fade can move during the attack delay.
Mouse 1
TRes Icon team resource neutral.gif 25 (research 60 seconds)
Energy Icon resources energy neutral.gif 30
Damage 160
(is affected by Focus)
Type Normal
Range Melee (0.3m longer than Swipe)
Delay 1.3 seconds
Targets Marines, Robots, Structures
Requires Biomass level 7, Research Stab

Tip: Stab is useful to kill structures, however a Fade is not intended to be an anti-structure class, so leave it to another Lifeform if possible.
Warning! During the Stab animation, the Fade is unable to move and is therefore very vulnerable!


The following images show all the variations of Fade camouflage (skins) that you may see in the game.

Please note:

  • Not all variants are available for purchase.
  • Skins are purely cosmetic and offer no augmented or additional stats in-game.
Camouflage variants & availability
Variant Description Acquisition Notes
Normal Default Camouflage. Provided with game. N/A
Reaper Red eyes, White skin, Black exo-skeletal features. Requires Reaper DLC. Released with the Reaper update.
Shadow Red eyes, Dark blue/purple skin, Extrusions on exo-skeletal features. Requires Shadow Fade DLC. Also granted to Reinforcement Program donors of Shadow Tier and above.