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  • The '''''Skulk''''' is the default [[Aliens|Alien]] lifeform that all Alien players will initially spawn as and respawn as after each de Though Skulks are considered expendable, they are a very versatile lifeform and can perform a myriad of roles.
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  • The '''Gorge''' is a bulbous and passive-aggressive [[Kharaa]] lifeform. It is often found near [[Hive]]s, upon [[Infestation]], and around other l == Lifeform Abilities ==
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  • The '''''Lerk''''' is a winged [[Aliens|Alien]] lifeform that has the ability to inflict [[#Poison_Bite|poisonous bites]] and shoot ...relatively low [[Resource_Model|res cost]] makes for a powerful early game lifeform. When the first Lerk is spotted on the field, Marines will usually be force
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  • The Fade is a tough and versatile lifeform that has the unique ability to regenerate its health and energy at an incre ...Fade is not intended to be an anti-structure class, so leave it to another Lifeform if possible.}}
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  • The '''''Onos''''' is the largest and most costly [[Aliens|Alien]] lifeform available. It is the ultimate weapon an Alien team can employ and is capabl ...a fleeing Onos (a 'pinch') in order to deny the Alien team the use of this lifeform.
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  • ...l but territorial and aggressive creatures that will attack any non-Kharaa lifeform in sight. Using their snapping jaws lined with sharp teeth, babblers will l' protection are recently seen entering combat, significantly increasing lifeform durability.
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  • ...uishyā€¯, leading to aversion from average players in choosing the crucial lifeform. ***In lieu of adjusting its eHP values, we decided to refine the hitbox to ***They will now reattach when a player evolves, even to another lifeform. They will also reattach to a player after leaving the Hive. (Thanks, Katze
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