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X20 Vortex Shotgun
Shotgun side normal.png
TRes Icon team resource neutral.gif 20 to research/drop
PRes Icon personal resource neutral.png 20 to buy
Damage reduction 7m to 14m base damage reduction
At 14m 60% lower damage
Damage 15 * 11.34 (12.5 / 13.6 / 14.7) per round
Type Normal
Delay 0.72 seconds
Reload Speed 2.35 - 5.5 seconds
Clip Size 6
Ammo 24
Requires Armory, Shotgun Research


The Shotgun or SG is the specialist close range weapon for all Marines and occupies the Primary Weapon slot. It holds 6 cartridges at any one time and a Marine can carry a maximum of 24 extra cartridges, making for a total ammo pool of 30 rounds.

This weapon is extremely lethal at close range and when upgraded, can kill most Aliens in 2-3 shots. Because of the nature of its cartridge ammunition and spread, Marines should attempt to hit the centre-mass of Alien lifeforms (a meat-shot).

Damage Type

Main Article: Damage Types

The Shotgun deals Normal damage meaning that Alien armour will absorb 2 damage for every 1 point of armour.


There are currently 2 variations of shotgun skin available for use by TSF Marines.

Shotgun Spread

This image shows on the right side the current shotgun spread. The damage output of both examples is the same.