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Outdated.png This is an old build of NS2

It may not represent the current game.

Date: June 3, 2016


  • Brand new official map: Caged - a remake by community member Flaterectomy
  • Ranged Spores for Lerks (à la NS1)
  • 'Cystem' overhaul

Blog Post


  • New Map Caged by Flaterectomy:
    • Remake of the original NS1 map ns_caged
    • 4 Tech Points and 10 Resource Points
    • Added loading screens for Caged (thanks Samus)
    • Added an achievement “Unleashed” for playing on Caged for 2 hours
    • Added the new “Abyss” skulk skin, which is rewarded free for a limited time for unlocking “Unleashed”.
    • Added a new main menu background.
  • Remind the server operators to add the map to their mapcycle!
  • Bot “Evolution”:
    • Alien bots evolve now into Lerks, Fades and Oni.
    • Improved the Lerks, Fade and Oni bot behavior.
    • Alien commander bots now manage better with their team ressources
    • Marine commander bots will also research The MG now.
  • Aliens:
    • Alien Vision
    • Gorges and Babblers are highlighted and outlined in green
    • Friendly units are highlighted orange instead of red and are less highlighted than enemies
    • Enemy parasited outlines are now yellow to differentiate from friendlies
    • Lerk:
      • Spores:
        • Spores are now a ranged ability like Umbra
        • Spores require now biomass 4 (instead of 6)
        • Lowered damage to 15 health points (was 20)
        • Increased energy costs to 16 (was 8)
      • Umbra:
        • Umbra requires now biomass 5 (instead of 4)
    • Onos:
      • Boneshield
        • Boneshield requires now biomass 6 (instead of 5)
        • Added a new visual effects for bone shield
        • The cooldown time of Boneshield now depends on how long it was used
        • You can now trigger Boneshield again after a misclick, and not have it instantly go on full cooldown
        • Boneshield now cost only 20 energy (instead of 40)
        • Boneshield restores 112.5 armor per second
        • The maximum cool down is 12.5 seconds
        • Bone shield only blocks 50% of damage (from the front)
    • Cysts:
      • The health points of a mature Cyst is now based on the length of the cyst chain to the hive. Cysts will have a minimum of 200 health points.
      • The Cysts redeploy radius has been increased to 7 (was 6)
      • The Cysts chains will now update when a hive is destroyed or completed.
      • Optimized cyst chain code to run faster
    • Hallucinations
      • The cooldown of hallucinations has been increased to 12 (was 6)
    • Silence Upgrade
      • Silence also stops attack sounds from playing
  • Marines:
    • Flamethrower
      • Increased rate of fire by 50%.
      • Increased costs to 12 pres (was 10)
      • Lowered damage to 8 (was 16)
      • The Flamethrower now does more damage to structures over time (up to an additional 50% damage) when directly damaging a structure.
      • Removed Flamethrower making hit targets weigh more.
    • MG
      • Improved the sounds
    • Health bars
      • Enemies are now marked (when first hit) based on server-authoritative damage, to make them more accurate
      • Updated the line of sight routine to make the hide and show correctly
    • Blood splatter HUD damage effects have been improved (Thanks IronHorse!)
  • Server browser
    • Ping and performance values will now be displayed via icons in the server list.
    • Choosing a server list tab will also reset the server list slide bar.


  • Fixed a critical script error when babblers tried to cling to a dead gorge causing the server to lag until the map got changed.
  • Fixed that the Alien Vision outlined the skybox.
  • Fixed the dropped MG outline not being red.
  • Fixed that marines with a MG didn’t have a red ammo bar for Commanders
  • Fixed that Umbra didn’t block any damage from the MG.
  • Fixed that Lerk ragdolls did not dissolve.
  • Fixed Hive-UI Icons scaling misalignment for 16:10 resolutions
  • Fixed that the Alien Vision made entities blur when you blinked as Fade.
  • Updated a few outdated in-game descriptions.