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  • Brand new 'Hive Challenge' mode in training menu
  • Many Editor fixes
  • QoL map fixes

Blog Post


  • Added Hive Challenge mode! Access it from the Training menu
    • As Fade or Lerk, defend a lone hive against endless waves of marines
  • Removed mute option from tutorial, because our data tracking showed a regression in completion rates (experiment fail, revert!)
  • Lowered the default temporarily ban time of votekick to 2 minutes.


  • Fixed issues where a race condition in the filesystem cache was causing issues when trying to join a server from the tutorial, or trying to switch between tutorial and training modes
  • The tutorial voiceover message background now scales correctly to the voice over text message.
  • Changed the way the round report for the hive stats system is generated to solve a bunch of issue.
  • Fixed a minor script error in the tutorial


  • Editor
    • Texture lock has been massively improved. Textures shouldn't become misaligned anymore.
    • Flipping faces now preserves texture mapping.
    • The flip command now works correctly with props.
    • The skybox is no longer visible in the Top, Front, and Side views.
  • Builder utility is now limited to a single running instance at a time



  • Fixed OcclusionGeometry sticking through world throughout the map
  • Increased LowLights distance in Analysis to remove a few pitch black areas


  • Fixed OcclusionGeometry sticking through world throughout the map


  • Fixed stuck spots with renegade CollisionGeometry in Operations


  • Fixed OcclusionGeometry sticking through world throughout the map