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  • Brand new tutorial voice-overs
  • QoL fixes to several maps
  • Launchpad enhancements for modders

Blog Post


  • Re-recorded all Tutorial voice-overs
  • Added Voice-over mute option in Tutorial


  • Fixed Onos and Skulk albino view-model showing incorrect texture (Thanks Samusdroid!)
  • Fixed issue with Death Triggers that caused them to kill entities not in the triggers!!!


  • Fixed Overview including special groups (Seasonals) in tga file (Thanks Salads!)
  • Added support for LaunchPad to load specific project on start: -o [path to mod.settings] (Thanks Salads!)


Mix-master Zavaro is at it again! Thanks Zavaro for contributing all these fixes and improvements!


  • Fixed an issue where OcclusionGeometry clipped through world in Platform
  • Fixed an issue where OcclusionGeometry where detail props would disappear in Bioreactors
  • Fixed an issue where OcclusionGeometry clipped through world in Filtration
  • Fixed an issue with Atmospheric and Condensers not extending their locations to a conjoined room


  • Fixed hole in Atmospheric Seeding allowing players to see outside the map
  • Fixed hole in floor of Turbine allowing players to see outside the map
  • Fixed face jutting out of floor in Turbine
  • Fixed OcclusionGeometry in Turbine from showing on minimap


  • Duplicated and rotated proximity field textures to create cohesion in visual styles between maps


  • Updated Reflection Probes


  • Fixed CommanderBuild group in Crossroads to better accurately reflect floor and walls
  • Fixed CommanderNoBuild in Crevice


  • Fixed CollisionGeometry on railing in Ore Processing to better accurately reflect prop locations
  • Added CollisionGeometry to Ore Processing vent to keep players from getting stuck
  • Fixed holes in Hub allowing players to see into North Tunnels through the walls==== ns2_docking ====


  • Fixed Y-Junction location name on minimap to intended Y Junction name
  • Added OcclusionGeometry in Cargo to block Gorge Tunnels from being visible
  • Fixed floating crates and other props in Cargo