Patches/Build 255

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September 5, 2013

Reinforcement Program

  • Shadow Skulk now available to applicable players
  • Assault Marine now available to applicable players
  • Elite Assault Marine available to applicable players
  • Reinforced badges on scoreboard now functioning for applicable players


  • Alien players can now choose the respawn location
  • Added credits (finally!)


  • Fixed D3D9 fullscreen exclusive mode (improves performance and stuttering problems for D3D9 players)
  • Fixed script error in the server browser caused by using the bracket keys in filters
  • Fixed bug preventing the reserved slots feature from working properly in the server web admin panel if reserved slots weren’t already configured
  • Added “restricted” files for consistency checking to prevent exploits with the mod loader mechanism
  • Disabled client-side mods when running the tutorial
  • Fixed Drifter command “Follow Nearest Alien” not working
  • Fixed a bug causing some elements of the world to disappear after the player becomes a Commander
  • Cysts will never connect to unconnected cysts
  • Fixed ghost placement of Gorge Webs not drawing properly
  • Fixed bug causing Flamethrower flames to be invisible after a player drops and picks up a Flamethrower
  • Fixed script errors when the system locale used commas instead of periods as the decimal separator


  • Pulse Grenades have now a proximity detector and detonate when an Alien is nearby
  • Changed Stomp damage type from Structural to Heavy
  • Lifeforms no longer need to be upgraded to gain health from Biomass
  • Increased Echo Whip and Harvester cost to 2 resources (up from 1)


  • Power Nodes show now “Indestructible” text when in initial ghost model state
  • Offset Drifter Cloud ability further from the ground so sloped surfaces won’t block line of sight to target position as much


  • Added Server.GetPort function


Lots of map related changes will be added into the changelog later.