Patches/Build 251

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July 24, 2013


  • Added queued orders (hold shift to queue orders on Drifters, MACs, etc)
  • Added ‘Cystem’ for placing multiple Cysts at once


  • Reduced Flamethrower damage by 18%
  • Reduced Minigun damage by 20%
  • Reduced Grenade Launcher splash radius by 20%
  • Reduced Cyst auto build time by 2 seconds
  • Cysts can no longer be built by Drifters and and only 1 per Hive will auto construct (Gorges can still use Heal Spray on them)
  • Reduced Babbler hitbox size to make it fit the actual model size better


  • Explosions now trigger a slight camera shake
  • Added shell ejection effects to the Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun
  • Pickups are now prioritized by item cost
  • Added a link to a player’s Steam profile page on the player list page in the server web admin (Thanks CheesyPeteza
  • Spectators now have access to the request menu
  • Cysts can now be placed everywhere and all Cysts in between will be created automatically when the nearest parent is too far away
  • Added Power indicator for Marine Commander when dropping structures
  • Added subtle view model rotation for wall walking Skulks
  • Added hidden mode for dedicated server, use the “-hidden” switch while starting the server process to use this feature
  • Added minimum life time for Grenades before they are allowed to detonate


  • Fixed invisible elements in Commander UI blocking mouse clicks
  • Fixed bug causing some non-NS2 servers to be listed on the NS2 tab in the server browser
  • Fixed a script error caused by using Alt+Enter to switch full screen mode while in the main menu
  • Fixed bug preventing the team resource graph UI from updating properly in spectator mode
  • Fixed bug causing move forward to not work if it was bound to a mouse button while in free camera spectator mode
  • Fixed camera tilt for wall walking skulks
  • Fixed bug where cycling through abilities didn’t work properly for Lerks
  • Fixed bug where recycling got cancelled on power loss
  • Fixed Marine Commander being able to drop Infantry Portals or Phase Gates in a way that players could get stuck
  • Fixed Echo Harvesters sometimes not working when being blocked by a Cyst
  • Fixed bug where Blinking downwards gives you high amounts of extra speed
  • Skulk ragdoll no longer appears after using Xenocide
  • Fixed bug causing the main menu alert message box to appear below the main menu news box
  • Fixed bug allowing Commander to place certain items outside the map (Ammo Pack, Med Pack, weapons, etc)
  • Fixed Parasite model outline sometimes not working
  • Fixed bug preventing the help widgets from appearing until the player encounters a Gorge tunnel
  • Fixed Onos camera animations
  • Fixed Exos not being affected by Parasite
  • Fixed Echoed Eggs not being usable
  • Fixed Wall Jumping sometimes giving more speed than intended


  • Added Server.GetServerHidden() function