Machine Gun

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Machine Gun
MG side normal.png
Damage vs structures: 8 (8.8 / 9.6 / 11.4)
vs players: 12 (13 / 14 / 15)
Type Puncture (150% versus Players)
Fire Rate 1 round per 0.055 seconds
Reload Speed 3.5 seconds
Clip Size 100
Ammo 500


The Machine Gun is a fast firing primary weapon that deals extra damage against players. It holds 100 rounds in each magazine and a Marine can carry a maximum of 4 extra magazines, making for a total ammo pool of 500 rounds. The Machine gun has a spread of 4 radians.

The Machine Gun is also a support weapon made to provide a covering fire for teammates. It's an heavy weapon, it takes a long time to reload, and is pretty bad in close combat compared to the shotgun.


Think about it like a static and mounted heavy gun above the ground. It's best usage is by covering people in front of it and by staying behind.

  • Stay behind your team mates, your mission is to keep them alive. A shotgun will be way better for the front job.
  • Don't shoot unless an alien is going to bite a team mate. You are not holding a rifle and each time you take the risk to reload, that's a window of time you are not capable of proving the cover you are supposed to.
  • Overall, only reload if you have less than 40 bullets left (+10 pistol shots), 25 bullets are enough to kill a skulk or even two. Same as above, the more you reload the less you are capable of defending your teammates.
  • Don't shoot RTs, Cysts or buildings. You are supposed to protect shotgunners at the front against skulks and lifeforms.

Additional Tips

  • Do not shoot aliens on sight
  • Do not Reload when you are at 115/125 bullets (leading to you reloading 80% of the time)
  • Do not be the first pushing the front line, and dying because you are spraying all your bullets in close combat.
  • Do not shoot buildings, it doesn't deal much damages and will lead you to certainly die before the end of your first reload.