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Hive spawn idle.gif
"Our Hive is complete!"
Kharaa.png Kharaa
Team Resources
Marines res.png 40
4000 (6000)
750 (1400)
Abilities and Upgrades
Heal, Spread Infestation, Hatch
Biomass +1/2, Upgrade Gorge, Evolve Crag Hive, Evolve Shade Hive, Evolve Shift Hive
Tech Requirements:
Build on Tech Point
Biomass +1
Build Time: 612 (auto-build), 180 (Grow) seconds
Builds From: Alien Commander
Buy From: Build Tab
Mature Time: 220 seconds


The Hive is the Kharaa command structure, created and occupied by the Alien Commander. It is an enormous and squid-like alien organism which suspends itself in the air by attaching tentacles to the ceiling. The main body consists of a luminescent circular membrane on each side, masses of tentacles on the front, respiratory flaps on the back, and a vestigial ovipositor on the bottom.

The Hive is the main source of Eggs and Infestation that allow the Bacterium to grow into macroscopic multicellular organisms. It also provides nutrition to Cysts, allowing them to branch outward and spread the infestation beyond Hive boundaries. Due to the heavy concentration of Bacterium around a Hive, Kharaa lifeforms can quickly regenerate from critical conditions.

Any Kharaa player can enter an unoccupied Hive to act as the Alien Commander by interacting with the tentacles that hang down to the ground. The tentacles will retract to indicate that the Hive has a commander.

Passive Abilities

Healing Aura

Spread Infestation

Heal icon.gif
Heals nearby wounded Kharaa lifeforms by a percentage of their maximum Health and Armor.
Healing 8% of max health/armor
Radius 12.7
Interval 1 seconds
Targets Lifeforms
Requires Hive

The Hive will periodically heal all nearby wounded Alien lifeforms, allowing them to quickly return to defending or expanding territory. Healing at a hive will always be the fastest form of healing compared to a Gorge or Crag.

Spread Infestation
Cyst idle small.gif
Grows Infestation onto nearby terrain to allow Kharaa structures to sprout from and stay nourished.
  • Infestation recedes quickly if the source is destroyed.
Radius 7 (Tunnel), 7.5 (Cyst), 20 (Hive)
Duration ∞ seconds
Targets Ground, Walls, Props
Requires Cyst, Hive, Tunnel


Hatch icon.gif
Creates 2 Eggs on infestation near the Hive.
  • Ability cooldown is shared between all Hives.
TRes Icon team resource neutral.gif 5
Range 11
Cooldown 4 seconds
Max Amount 20 Eggs per Hive
Targets Ground, Infestation
Requires Hive

The Hive will automatically produce Eggs on nearby Infestation. When lifeforms are dying too quickly, the Alien Commander can cause any Hive to instantly create two Eggs in response.


Evolve Hive

Research Life Form Abilities

Evolve Hive
Crag hive icon.gifShade hive icon.gifShift hive icon.gif
Permanently evolves the Hive into one of three specializations to unlock evolution structures, Drifter abilities, Cyst passive abilities and chamber abilities.
  • Each Hive type grants Drifters a passive and active ability.
  • Each Hive type grants Cysts a passive ability.
  • If a Hive type exists, new Hives cannot evolve to that type.
Upgrade Time 20 seconds
Max Amount 1 type per Hive
Targets Hive
Requires No existing Hive type

The Hive can evolve into one of three variants to quickly adapt the Kharaa to the changing battlefield. The paths of defense, deception, and speed will unlock new Evolutions, Drifter abilities, and chamber abilities, driving the evolution of the Kharaa according to the Alien Commander's will.

Research Abilities
All lifeforms.png
Researches the Ability if the Biomass requirements
TRes Icon team resource neutral.gif depending on research
Research Time Various time in seconds
Requires Certain Biomass upgrades for each research:

The Hive contains the genetic sequences to unlock Additional Abilities of all life forms, but only if enough Biomass has accumulated.

Biomass +1/2/3

Biomass +1 / 2 / 3
Biomass 1 icon.gifBiomass icon.gif
Increases Biomass level by 1 per research, up to 3 times.
  • Biomass levels decrease if an upgraded Hive is destroyed.
  • New Hives must research Biomass 1/2/3 to regain lost levels.
TRes Icon team resource neutral.gif 15 / 20 / 40
Research Time 25 / 40 / 60 seconds
Max Amount +3 levels per Hive
Targets Biomass

Each Hive can accumulate Biomass to unlock new lifeform and commander abilities, as well as strengthen all lifeforms' maximum health (not armor) Each hive by itself gives an inital Biomass level and can be upgraded to a total of 4 (with a team maximum of 12).


Biomass +1

Spread Infestation

Biomass +1
Biomass 1 icon.gif
Each active Hive will passively increase Biomass level by 1.
Max Amount 3 levels per Hive, 12 levels total
Targets Biomass
Requires Active Hive

Each Hive can accumulate Biomass to unlock new lifeform and commander abilities, as well as strengthen all lifeforms' maximum health.

Nutrient mist icon.gif
Most Kharaa structures will mature over time, gaining extra maximum Health and Armor every second until fully matured.
  • Max health/armor and mature time vary between different structures.
  • At 50% maturity, the structure is prefixed as "Grown".
Targets Structure