Grenade Launcher

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G70 Ender Multiple Shot Grenade Launcher
Grenadelauncher side normal.png
TRes Icon team resource neutral.gif 20 to drop
PRes Icon personal resource neutral.png 20 to buy
Damage 90 (player) / 360 (structure) per round
Type Structural
Fire Rate 0.6 seconds
Reload Speed 2.8 - 6.8 seconds
Clip Size 4
Ammo 24
Requires Advanced Armory


The Grenade Launcher or GL is an anti-structure siege weapon employed by the Marines. It holds 4 projectile grenades at any one time and a Marine can carry a maximum of 24 extra cartridges, making for a total ammo pool of 28 rounds. The grenades detonate on impact.

This weapon is extremely effective against all Alien structures but due to its low ammo capacity and potential to cause damage to the operator, it is strictly a support weapon and should only be used with support from other Marines.

The Grenade Launcher is not affected by Arms Lab upgrades.

Damage Type

Main Article: Damage Types

The Grenade Launcher deals Grenade Launcher damage meaning that while it does Normal damage to lifeforms, it does four times the damage to all Alien structures.