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Gorge barf.gif
"Oh man, I just lost my appetite..."
Kharaa.png Kharaa
Personal Resources
Icon personal resource neutral.png 10 (+1 per Evolution)
160 (+2 per Biomass)
75 (83 / 92 / 100)
Icon resources energy neutral.gif 100 (110 / 120 / 130)
Spawns From: Gorge Egg
Ground Speed: 6.0 (6.5 / 7.0 / 7.5)
Crouch Speed: 3.0
Slide Speed: 8.9 (ground), 14 (downhill)
Abilities and Upgrades
Alien Vision, Evolve Menu, Hive SightGorge, Belly Slide, Digest, Spit, Heal Spray, Build Menu (Hydra, Clog, Babbler Egg, Bile Mine Web), Bile Bomb, Babbler Bait
Carapace, Regeneration, Vampirism,
Adrenaline, Celerity, Crush,
Camouflage, Aura, Focus
Bile Bomb at biomass 3, Web at biomass 5
Buy From: Evolve Menu
Purchase By: Player
Gestation Time: 7 seconds


The Gorge is a bulbous and passive-aggressive Kharaa lifeform. It is often found near Hives, upon Infestation, and around other lifeforms. While appearing rather harmless, it can provide crucial support to lifeforms and structures; by exhaling its infectious breath, the Heal Spray, the Gorge can rapidly heal its allies as well as itself. Additionally, Heal Spray is able to accelerate structure growth, to help grow and nourish the Kharaa habitat established by the Alien Commander.

The Gorge's namesake refers to its tendency to regurgitate various types of organic growths, namely the Hydra for static defense, the Clog to impede enemy movement; the Bile Mine to kill the Marines armor, and Webs that ensnare Marines.


The Gorge is a pudgy, scaly, and mossy alien. We thought his pudgy visage needn't say "I want to eat you" but instead, "No one appreciates my slime-piles". His semi-awkward face armor implies that he needs to stay safe more than he needs to attack fast-moving targets and the upturned armor "ears"...well, they're just cute. His glowing belly ties him into the hive somewhat, in that both play a key role in the team's abilities and advancement.

Though we now know that the Gorge consumes more resources than any other species, the name has less to do with their consumption, and more with their portly body type, and that they always seem to be slurping away at a chamber, spitting a wad of acid, or just in general doing things with their mouths that are disturbing to watch.

The developers' aim for the Gorge is a fun class that straddles the line between attacker and defender and has a lot to do near combat and in alien bases. He'll never be much of an attacker, but this butterball is the team medic and engineer and thus, deserves to be loved (by anything with slime on it at least).


Main article: Options.

Player Abilities

Alien Vision

Evolve Menu

Alien Vision
Aura icon.gif
Toggle Alien Vision mode to highlight all units and structures in white, and the terrain in orange.
  • Brightness is affected by lighting in the room.
  • Red emergency lighting and complete darkness are considered as the same brightness level.
Targets Players, Units, Structures, Terrain
Alien Vision highlighting everything in the Frontiersmen base

All Kharaa lifeforms possess hypersensitive retinas that allow Alien Vision (or Dark Vision), which changes the lifeform's perspective in order to distinguish between organisms, structures, and the terrain.

Evolve Menu
Evolve menu icon.gif
Opens the Evolve Menu to purchase different Kharaa lifeforms and available Traits using Personal Resources.
Targets Lifeforms
Requires Valid ground to spawn player Egg
Selecting a lifeform to evolve while inside a vent

The Evolve Menu allows Kharaa players to select different lifeforms and unlocked Traits to evolve using Personal Resources. It contains information about each lifeform, such as name, cost, Health, Armor, abilities, effects of each Trait, and more.

Hive Sight

Hive Sight
Hive sight icon.gif
Hive Sight highlights all players and structures in an orange glow. When nearby, Kharaa players can see each other through walls.
  • Parasited targets are visible through walls and glow more brightly.
Range 30
Targets Players, Units, Structures
Kharaa lifeforms behind a wall

Hive Sight is an innate passive ability for all Kharaa lifeforms. All nearby visible players, units and structures will be highlighted in an orange glow at all times. Friendly players will also be visible through walls, allowing players to coordinate and position themselves against incoming Frontiersmen forces.

Lifeform Abilities

Belly Slide


Belly Slide
Belly slide slot.gif
The Gorge can slide on its slimy belly. While Belly Sliding, the Gorge gains a move speed bonus.
  • Speed slowly returns to normal.
  • Speed increases when sliding downhill.
  • Speed bonus lasts longer when sliding on Infestation.
Energy Icon resources energy neutral.gif 20
Speed Base speed + 1 to 7
Cooldown 1.5 seconds
Targets Ground, Props, Players, Structures
Belly Sliding down a hallway

Belly Slide is the Gorge's unique movement mechanic, which allows it to gain speed by sliding on flat or sloped surfaces. While sliding, forward movement has dominance over other directional movement controls; in other words, sharp turns become difficult to execute. However, with practice, skilled Gorges can drift around corners and escape unscathed.

Additional information about movement techniques can be found in Movement.

Destroys a target Gorge structure, removing it from play and freeing up the structure per player limit.
  • Hydra is only digestible by owner.
  • Clog is digestible by both owner and friendly players.
Range Melee
Duration 2 seconds
Targets Hydra, Clog
Digesting Clogs to let Onos through

Digest allows the Gorge to remove unnecessary structures built by itself. Since Gorge structures are limited per player, new structures will destroy the oldest ones when the limit is reached. To avoid unwanted destruction, digesting Gorge structures helps to keep older structures in place.

Slot Abilities


Heal Spray

Spit slot.gif
Spits a wad of acidic goo over a long distance.
  • Spit projectile travels in a straight line.
  • Spit projectile dissipates after duration.
Mouse 1
Energy Icon resources energy neutral.gif 7
Damage 30
Type Light
Speed 35 (projectile)
Fire Rate 0.5 seconds
Duration 8 seconds
Targets Marines, Robots, Structures
Spitting at a Command Station

Spit is the Gorge's primary range attack that shoots a quick projectile over very long distances. It is often used to ward off Marines or to attack structures behind enemy lines, that are otherwise unreachable by melee Kharaa lifeforms. Although Spit is perfectly accurate since it travels in a straight line, the Gorge must predict its target's movement for the projectile to hit.

Heal Spray
Heal spray slot.gif
Exhales a cloud of bacteria that deals minor damage to Marines, but heals nearby lifeforms and structures.
  • Heals lifeforms by: 8 + 3% of lifeform max health
  • Heals structures by 60 HP.
  • Heals self by 30 HP.
  • Speeds up Kharaa structure build time.
  • 50% chance to put out fires created by Flamethrower.
Mouse 2
Energy Icon resources energy neutral.gif 10
Damage 8
Healing Variable
Type Biological
Range 6
Radius 3.5
Speed 0.9 to 1.8 (build time)
Fire Rate 0.8 seconds
Targets Marines, Lifeforms, Self, Structures
Heal Spraying structures to help them grow

Heal Spray is the Gorge's signature secondary attack that grants strong support capability. It will heal any damaged lifeform or structure, as well as the Gorge itself, while speeding up build time for unbuilt structures. Being a healer and builder, the Gorge allows the Kharaa to remain on the offensive.

Tip: Try to heal your teammates as quickly as possible in order to prevent them from being killed!

Bile Bomb

Babbler Bait

Bile Bomb
Bile bomb slot.gif
Launches a metal-corroding bile sac that explodes on impact, dealing damage over time to all Frontiersmen units and structures in the splash radius.
  • Bile Bomb projectile moves in an arc. The higher you throw, the farther it flies.
  • Only damages armor for Marine and Exosuit.
  • Damages both Health and Armor for robots and structures.
  • Corrodes and destroys dropped weapons on the ground.
  • Damage over time effect can stack by applying Bile Bomb again.
  • Bomb projectile evaporates when burned by Flamethrower.
Mouse 1
Energy Icon resources energy neutral.gif 20
Damage 55 per second
Type Corrode
Range Variable
Radius 6
Fire Rate 1 seconds
Duration 5 seconds
Targets Armor, Robots, Structures, Weapons
Requires Biomass level 3, Research Bile Bomb
Bile Bombing a Frontiersmen base in Mineshaft's Cave

Bile Bomb is the Gorge's long range siege attack that lobs an arcing bile sac, which then explodes on impact to shower the area in a lingering corrosive bile. Bile Bomb is highly effective against Armor, robots, and structures; even dropped weapons on the ground are not safe from the bile's corrosion. Use it to quicken a Frontiersmen base's destruction or weaken Marines and Exosuits for your fellow lifeforms to finish!

Babbler Bait
Babbler bait slot.gifBabbler pheromones.gif
Throws a shiny, bouncy ball to attract nearby Babblers belonging to the Gorge.
  • Only 1 ball can be active at a time.
  • 3 types of orders for Babblers:
    • Move to location when throwing on the ground.
    • Attack a Frontiersmen unit or structure when hitting an enemy target.
    • Cling to a Kharaa lifeform when hitting a friendly target.
  • Bounce off a wall or the ground to make Babblers cling to yourself.
Mouse 1
Energy Icon resources energy neutral.gif 7
Range 8
Radius 20 (Babbler search range)
Duration 5 seconds
Max Amount 1 per player
Targets Marines, Lifeforms, Robots, Structure, Ground
Requires Biomass level 1, Upgrade Gorge (Hive)
Babblers clinging to a Skulk

Babbler Bait is a glowing ball that produces pheromones to attract Babblers, allowing the Gorge to direct its vicious little minions to do its bidding. Babblers' behavior will change depending on the target that the bait ball hits.

If the Babbler Bait hits:

  • a Lifeform: The Babblers ownership will be transferred to that Lifeform until it has 6 Babblers.
  • a Marine Structure or Player: The Babblers will attack that target.
  • nothing: The Babbler will move to that position.
    • If they moved or killed the target they will either attack the next nearby target or run back to its Gorge.

Build Menu

Deciding on what to build
Building Hydras on the walls
Building a Clog fort in Mineshaft's Crusher
Growing Babbler Eggs on the floor

The Build Menu is the Gorge's signature construction ability that provides a wide selection of unique structures; from Hydras that shoot spikesor clogs to shape your environment, the Build Menu will keep track of the number of existing structures.

Build Menu
Gorge build menu slot.gif
Allows the Gorge to select the Hydra, Clog, Bile Mine and Web to build.
  • Shows costs and limits for each Gorge structure.
  • Placing a structure also costs energy.
  • Has a short delay before placing another structure.
Energy Icon resources energy neutral.gif 15
Delay 1 seconds
Build Web
Webs slot.gif
Creates a web strand between two surfaces.
  • Can be killed by Axe, Exosuit (touching it), Flamethrower, and Welder
  • Slows down Marines and makes Jetpacks fall down
Mouse 1
x2 (build)
Build Time 0 seconds
Range 0.5 (min), 8 (max)
Max Amount 3 per player
Targets Ground, Walls, Props
Requires Biomass level 1, Upgrade Gorge (Hive)
Build Clog
Clog slot.gif
Creates a Clog on any surface.
Mouse 1
PRes Icon personal resource neutral.png 0
Build Time 0 seconds
Range 3
Max Amount 10 per player
Targets Ground, Walls, Props, Clogs, Webs
Build Hydra
Hydra slot.gif
Creates an unbuilt Hydra on any surface.
Mouse 1
PRes Icon personal resource neutral.png 3
Build Time 13 seconds
Range 6.5
Max Amount 3 per player
Targets Ground, Walls, Props, Clogs



The following images show all the variations of Skulk camouflage (skins) that you may see in the game.

Please note:

  • Not all variants are available for purchase.
  • Skins are purely cosmetic and offer no augmented or additional stats in-game.
Camouflage variants & availability
Variant Description Acquisition Notes
Normal Default Camouflage. Provided with game. N/A
Shadow Red eyes, Light red skin accents, Extrusions on exo-skeletal features. Originally part of the Reinforcement Program for Shadow Tier & above. May also be found on the Steam Community Market.
Reaper Red eyes, White skin, Black exo-skeletal features. Requires Reaper DLC. Released with the Reaper update.
Nocturne Purple eyes and belly. Requires Nocturne DLC. Release with the Nocturne DLC as part of the NS2 5 year anniversary update (Build 319).
Toxin Green glowing eyes, green patches of skin and green belly. Requires Catalyst Pack DLC. Released with the Catalyst update (Build 324).