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Extractor deploy.gif
"If I had a million res nodes..."
TSA.png Frontiersmen
Team Resources
Marines res.png 10
Abilities and Upgrades
Extractor Resources, Recycle
Tech Requirements:
Build On Resource Nozzle
Build Time: 12 seconds
Builds From: Marine Commander
Buy From: Build Tab


The Extractor is a Marine structure that automatically gathers resources for the Marine team while active on a Resource Nozzle.

Tactical Summary - Extractor

  • Extractors provide your team with resources (both team and personal), and therefore are crucial for winning.
  • Aliens will try to destroy your extractors (which is called resbiting). This is why new extractors should rather be placed on marine-controlled territory, which is protected by proper laning (guarding entry and choke points).
  • Working (powered) extractors should generally not be recycled, even if under attack with small chances of being rescued. In most cases the amount of resources supplied by them to the moment of being destroyed exceeds what can be gained by recycling.


Passive Abilities

Resource Production

Triggered Abilities


Produces TRes and PRes

For more information see Resource Model

Recycle buildmenu.png
Recycles the structure over time and refunds resources based on initial cost and current Health. Recycle can be canceled by Marine Commander or by destroying the structure.
TRes Icon team resource neutral.gif 75% x initial cost
Duration 6 seconds
Recycling a building

Recycle enables the Marine Commander to return a portion of Team Resources by recycling a structure. The recycling process lasts a short duration, after which a maximum of 75% Team Resources used to create the structure is refunded. However, the amount of Team Resources refunded depends on the remaining health of the structure on recycle completion. The higher the structure's health, the more resources are refunded.

Warning: You do not gain any resources while recycling. Therefore it is in most cases not recommended to recycle Extractors.