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Biomass is a tech progression system that serves two functions: increase all lifeforms' maximum Health pool and enable unlocked lifeform abilities after research from the Hive. Each Hive can contain up to 3 Biomass levels; 1 level for being an active Hive and 2 additional levels can be upgraded by the Alien Commander.

The Biomass progression bar contains slots that will light up to show the current Biomass level, and shows the corresponding ability underneath each slot. It is always visible to the Alien Commander, but is only visible to players when they access the Mini-map, Evolve Menu or check the Research menu (default "j"). If a Hive is attacked, its section of Biomass levels will pulsate red to alert all Kharaa players.

If a Hive is destroyed, the additional health provided to all lifeforms and abilities enabled by its Biomass levels will be lost. Lifeforms existing before the Hive is destroyed will retain their unlocked abilities, but new lifeforms will not possess them; maximum health pool will decrease according to the current Biomass level. When Biomass levels are regained by building and upgrading a new Hive, maximum health pool will increase again and researched abilities for new lifeforms will be unlocked.

Biomass Levels & Unlocked Abilities
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10
Biomass bar 9.jpg
Babbler egg icon.gif Rupture icon.gif Bone wall icon.gif Leap icon.gif Umbra icon.gif Bone shield icon.gif Stab icon.gif Stomp icon.gif Xenocide icon.gif Contamination icon.gif
Babbler Egg Rupture Bone Wall Leap Umbra Bone Shield Stab Stomp Xenocide Contamination
Webs icon.gif Charge icon.gif Bile bomb icon.gif Spores icon.gif Adv Metabolize.png
Web Charge Bile Bomb Umbra Advanced
Nutrient mist icon.gif Metabolize
Nutrient Mist Metabolize
Gorge egg icon.gif Shadow step icon.gif
Gorge Egg Fade Egg
Lerk egg icon.gif Onos egg icon.gif
Lerk Egg Onos Egg
  • Maximum 12 Biomass levels (levels 10 to 12 do not unlock additional abilities)
  • Unlocks specific lifeform abilities once researched from Hive.
  • Enables Alien Commander abilities and pre-evolved lifeform Eggs.
  • Increases maximum Health pool depending on lifeform.