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The Marine team employ a variety of Weapons to combat the Alien team.

Ballistic Weapons

Ballistic Weapons
Pistol Assault Rifle Shotgun Machine Gun
Pistol side normal.png Rifle side normal.png Shotgun side normal.png MG side normal.png
Main article: Pistol. Main article: Assault Rifle. Main article: Shotgun. Main article: Machine Gun.

Melee and Special Weapons

Melee Weapons Special Weapons
Switch-Axe Welder Flame Thrower Grenade Launcher
200px-Axe.png Welder.png Flamethrower side normal.png Grenadelauncher side normal.png
Main article: Switch-Axe. Main article: Welder. Main article: Flamethrower. Main article: Grenade Launcher.

Hand Grenades and Mines

Hand Grenades Mines
Cluster Grenade Nerve Gas Grenade Pulse Grenade
Grenade Cluster.png Grenade Nerve.png Grenade Spark.png Mine.png
Main article: Cluster Grenade. Main article: Nerve Gas Grenade. Main article: Pulse Grenade. Main article: Mine.

Special Equipment

Jetpack Exosuits
Minigun Exosuit Railgun Exosuit
Jetpack.png Exosuit minigun.png Exosuit railgun.png
Main article: Jetpack. Main article: Minigun Exosuit. Main article: Railgun Exosuit.