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Skulk Movement
Prevent slowing down Video
  • if you touch the wall too closely while Wall Walking you will attach yourself and lose some speed even if you press Forward
It is important to hold the detach button
in order to maintain your speed better.
Even though you use the detach button
you will still lose a bit of speed if you touch the wall to closely!
Strafing on the Ground
  • Try to utilize the strafe mechanics on the ground as well, even if they are minor.
They will make you a harder target to hit, it is especially effective against Shotguns.
Upwards Jump
  • If you look upwards while jumping from a wall you will gain additional height for the tradeoff of some forward momentum.
Ceiling Jump
  • If you press the detach button
    , Forward
    , and the Jump button
    really quickly,
it is even possible to use the Wall Walk to jump along a relatively flat ceiling.
Leap Jump
  • Don't use Leap from the ground without moving.
Always press Forward
and then Jump
before using Leap
Mouse 2
in order to get the best speed bonus.