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! colspan="2" style="align:center; background-color:#55b3ff; color:#232323"|'''Marine Movement'''
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! colspan="1" style="align:center; background-color:#55b3ff; color:#232323;width:60%;"|'''Slope Jump'''
! colspan="1" style="align:center; background-color:#55b3ff; color:#232323;width:60%;"|'''Slope Jump'''

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As a Marine everything from General applies as well, with the difference that you slow down significantly after doing one jump even if you queue the next jump perfectly. There are two tricks how you can remove the slow down quite a bit:

Marine Movement
Slope Jump Video
  • Jump onto a slope and jump off it - combined with strafing this will give you a slight speedboost.
This works well on some stairs but not all of them.
Platform Jump
  • Jumping onto a higher platform will remove the slow-down effect a bit.
If you first jump onto a higher platform crouched then you can do one more additional jump on the same height without crouching with a smaller slow-down effect.
Vent Jump
  • While in a vent you can do consecutive jumps in the vent and gain speed by strafing

Video Clip 2