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| '''ammo''' || Reserve ammo of the weapon
| '''ammo''' || Reserve ammo of the weapon
| '''health''' || Health
| '''armor''' || Armor
| '''use''' || Amount of uses for the ability
| '''use''' || Amount of uses for the ability

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This template is used for Marine and Alien abilities.

Sample Template

Click edit and copy the sample template to the unit or structure page, then fill out the parameters and remove unnecessary ones where applicable.

Recycle buildmenu.png
Put description in here!
Hotkey A
TRes Icon team resource neutral.gif 0
PRes Icon personal resource neutral.png 0
Supply 0 / 200
Supply 0 / 200
Build Time 0 seconds
Research Time 0 seconds
Upgrade Time 0 seconds
Energy Icon resources energy neutral.gif 0
Damage 0
Healing 0
Repairing 0
Type Puncture
Range 0
Minimum Range 0
Radius 0
Speed 0
Fire Rate 0 seconds
Duration 0 seconds
Delay 0 seconds
Cooldown 0 seconds
Reload Speed 0 seconds
Interval 0 seconds
Clip Size 0
Ammo 0
Uses 0
Max Amount 0
Targets Player, Structure, Ground
Requires Command Station


marinename The name of the ability for Frontiersmen (blue color)
alienname The name of the ability for Kharaa (orange color)
description Description of the ability
icon Image icon for the ability
hotkey Hotkey of the ability
tres Team Resources used or provided by the ability
pres Personal Resources used or provided by the ability
marinesupply Supply used by the Frontiersmen entity
aliensupply Supply used by the Kharaa entity
energy Energy cost for the Kharaa ability
build Time to build units or structures
research Time to research technology
upgrade Time to upgrade units or structures
damage Damage inflicted by the ability
healing Healing done by the ability
repair Repairing done by the ability
type Damage type of the ability
range Range of the ability
minrange Minimum range of the ability
speed Speed granted by ability
firerate Fire rate of ability or weapon
duration Duration of the ability
radius Radius of the ability
delay Fire delay of the ability
cooldown Cooldown time of the ability
reload Reload speed of the weapon
interval Interval for the ability
clip Clip amount of the weapon
ammo Reserve ammo of the weapon
health Health
armor Armor
use Amount of uses for the ability
max Max amount per player, structure, etc.
target Valid targets for the ability
prereq Prerequisites for the ability