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The player Status Icons assist new and veteran players with knowing how they are being affected by multiple game events at once, especially during chaotic moments. Or learning the impact of specific mechanics, as well as their range.

To display all the following icons, Hints On and High HUD Detail are required, you can find those in the OPTIONS menu. Some of these icons may still pop up with these options disabled.

Status Icons
Icons Description
HoT/Healing  You are being healed by a nearby Crag.
Mucous  The Alien Commander provided you an additional shield through a Drifter.
Fire  You are burning and taking damages due to a Flamethrower. A Gorge can extinguish the fire.
electrified  You are being under the effect of Power Surge (Marine Commander ability) or a Pulse Grenade from a field Marine. You are taking some damages and the rate of your attacks is temporary decreased.
Enzyme  The Alien Commander has used a Drifter to temporary increase the rate of your attacks.
Detected  Detected (currently unused).
Cloaked  You are cloaked/invisible due to a nearby Shade. Marines can't see you unless you are being shot at or scanned.
Corroding  A Gorge is using its Bilebomb ability on you, dealing some Armor damages.
Nano-shield  The Marine Commander is using his Nano Shield ability on you. Its effect lasts 3 secs and all damages are reduced by 32%.
Catpack  The Marine Commander has dropped you a Catalyst Pack. Its effect lasts 5 secs and increases your speed by 50%.
Armor HoT  A friendly Marine is using his Welder on you to restore your Armor, or you are using your own Welder on a damaged structure.
Spores  A Lerk has used the Spores ability, creating a cloud that lasts 4 seconds and deals 15 damages per second.
Umbra  A Lerk has used the Umbra ability, creating a cloud that lasts 4 seconds and that remains 6 seconds once you are out of it. This cloud reduces incoming bullet damage by 25% on any Alien lifeform and structure.
Nerve Gas  A Marine has used a Nerve-Gas Grenade on you, creating a cloud that deals you Armor damages.
Energize  You are standing near a Shift dropped by the Alien Commander, increasing your Adrenaline regeneration.
Parasited  A Skulk parasited you. It reveals your position to the Aliens, both on the Aliens' map (a Marines icon appears) and on the field (the target's model is highlighted). The effect of a parasite lasts 44 seconds and can't be lifted off.
Scanned  You are either being scanned by the Marine Commander using the scan ability or you stand near an Observatory. It reveals your position to the Marines, both on the Marines' map (a red dot appears) and on the field (a white circle surrounds the target). The effect of a scan lasts 10 seconds, but you can also walk away from the scanned area.