Status Icons

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The player Status Icons assist new and veteran players with knowing how they are being affected by multiple game events at once, especially during chaotic moments. Or learning the impact of specific mechanics, as well as their range.

These are tied to two separate in game options: Hints On and High HUD Detail for the rest.

Status Icons
Icons Description
HoT/Healing  HoT/Medpack.
Mucous  Shield.
Fire  On fire/FT.
electrified  Electrified/Pulse.
Enzyme  Enzyme.
Detected  Detected.
Cloaked  Cloaked.
Corroding  Corrosion/Bile.
Nano-shield  Nano-shield.
Catpack  Cat Pack.
Armor HoT  Armor HoT.
Spores  Spores.
Umbra  Umbra.
Nerve Gas  Nerve Gas.
Energize  Energize/Shift passive.
Parasited  Parasited.
Scanned  Scanned.