Skulk Challenge

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The Skulk Challenge can help players hone the Skulk Wall Walking abilities, while also providing an opportunity to reach a global rank and earn badges. The Skulk Challenge is accessible through the training area of Natural Selection 2's main menu.


Skulk Challenge Badges (Tram)
Badge(s) Time requirements
Skulk Challenge (Tram) Bronze 1:53
Skulk Challenge (Tram) Silver 1:38
Skulk Challenge (Tram) Gold 1:28
Skulk Challenge (Tram) Shadow 1:23

Ghost Mode

You can learn from others by watching others, or compare your own time with your friends.

Video Example

This is an example how to gain the Shadowbadge even without cutting corners. Achieving this time is possible by utilizing the Movement techniques Natural Selection 2 offers:

  • by doing smooth mouse movement with strafing (
    ) and using the Crouch Button (Default:
  • queue your jump by holding
    before you touch the ground
  • do not touch the wall to closely and hold the detach button