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Power node deploy.gif
TSA.png Power Node
Abilities and Upgrades
Socket Power Node, Power Grid, Warning Beacon
Tech Requirements:
Cannot rebuild during blackout
Build Time: 10 seconds
Builds From: Power Socket


Power Nodes are wall mounted, static structures that are responsible for activating and maintaining the Power Grid in the room they reside in.


Power Nodes are required to power Marine structures and are therefore the equivalent of the Aliens Infestation.

In order to be built, a Power Node must first be socketed by the Marine Commander either manually, or by placing a blueprint down anywhere in the room linked to the node. It will then appear as a socketed blueprint that can be built by Marines with a Build Tool or Welder.


Once a Power Node is constructed, it becomes vulnerable to attack. If a Power Node is destroyed, all structures in the affected room will lose power and become inoperable until power is restored:

  • Infantry Portals will not respawn Marines.
  • Arms Labs will deactivate causing Marines to lose their enhanced Armor and Weapons levels immediately.
  • Observatories and their Scan and Beacon abilities will be disabled.
  • Armouries and Advanced Armouries will not dispense Health and Ammo nor will they be able to supply weapons.
  • All active research on structures that lose power will be cancelled.

It is important to protect Power Nodes and to only construct a Power Node when it is required. Power Nodes will not allow themselves to be fully built if there is no structure in the room that requires power however, this behaviour can be overridden by a toggling a flashlight at the Node.

Tactical Summary - Power Nodes

  • Defend Power Nodes at all cost, allowing them to be destroyed can quickly lose the game.
  • Don't build a Power Node if it isn't required.
  • As an Alien, when attacking a Marine base, targeting the Power Node is often better than trying to destroy individual structures. Communicate with your team and agree on what you are going to attack!