Marine Structures

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Frontiersman Structures

Marine structures a easily deployable equipment used by the TSF. Typically printed with nano-technology and from Altera Corporation approved pre-fabricated equipment patterns the structures of the TSF are compact, storeable, easily constructed items to proved technology to their troops on the front. All structures come in two formats basic and advanced each of these trees contain two separate paths and research requirements and have individual Team Resource requirements in order to build them. One requirement that all buildings must have is a Power Nodes supplying ample power to the buildings in that room otherwise the equipment will revert to its powered down storage state.

Frontiersmen Tech Tree
Tech Tree Rows Content
ExtractorCommand StationInfantry PortalHand GrenadesMinesShotgunWelderArmoryAdvanced ArmoryAdvanced WeaponryPrototype LabExosuitJetpackARC FactoryARCRobotics FactoryMACSentry BatterySentryAdvanced SupportObservatoryPhase TechPhase GateArms LabWeapons 1Weapons 2Weapons 3Armor 1Armor 2Armor 3Marine Techtree.png
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1 Extractor, Command Station, Infantry Portal
2 ARC Factory, ARC
3 Research Hand Grenades, Research Mine, Research Shotgun, Welder | Robotics Factory, MAC
4 Armory | Sentry Battery, Sentry
5 Advanced Support
6 Observatory
7 Research Advanced Weaponry, Advanced Armory | Research Phase Tech
8 Prototype Lab | Phase Gate | Arms Lab, Weapons 1/2/3
9 Research Exosuit, Research Jetpack | Armor 1/2/3