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The Marine Commander specializes in strategy and structure deployment for the Frontiersmen. A single Commander is chosen among the Marines by logging in at the Command Station (Who commands can be changed in an ongoing Match). While occupying the Command Station, the Commander has an overview of the entire map, and can accomplish various tasks to provide support to ground troops.


The Commander plays a very different role from the Marines; he has a complete overview of the entire Map (including a Mini-Map), can build structures (which require Marines or MACs to assemble), and research upgrades such as purchasable weapons and attack/armor upgrades. In addition, the Commander can drop supplies such as Med Packs and Ammo Packs or weapons anywhere for Marines to receive or equip. The Commander can also recycle any Marine structure, which destroys the structure and returns a portion of the buildings' cost based on its health on destruction. Finally, he can give his Marines orders via text, voice communication or through a built-in system called Waypoints.

Tech Tree

The Frontiersmen Tech Tree contains the technology progression paths available to the Marine Commander. It is a branched progress system dependent on research and upgrades.

Frontiersmen Tech Tree
Tech Tree Rows Content
ExtractorCommand StationInfantry PortalHand GrenadesMinesShotgunWelderArmoryAdvanced ArmoryAdvanced WeaponryPrototype LabExosuitJetpackARC FactoryARCRobotics FactoryMACSentry BatterySentryAdvanced SupportObservatoryPhase TechPhase GateArms LabWeapons 1Weapons 2Weapons 3Armor 1Armor 2Armor 3Marine Techtree.png
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1 Extractor, Command Station, Infantry Portal
2 ARC Factory, ARC
3 Research Hand Grenades, Research Mine, Research Shotgun, Welder | Robotics Factory, MAC
4 Armory | Sentry Battery, Sentry
5 Advanced Support
6 Observatory
7 Research Advanced Weaponry, Advanced Armory | Research Phase Tech
8 Prototype Lab | Phase Gate | Arms Lab, Weapons 1/2/3
9 Research Exosuit, Research Jetpack | Armor 1/2/3



The Commander has sole control over Team Resources, which is required to build structures, perform research and upgrades. The Frontiersmen start off with 50 Team Resources and must construct additional Extractors on Resource Nozzles to increase income. The Commander may also spend Team Resources on assistance utilities and weapons to drop anywhere for Marines.

Commander Menu

The Commander can quickly access three tabs using the Commander Menu at the bottom right of his HUD.

  • Build (Q)
    • The Build tab allows the commander to place various structures anywhere on the map. These structures are the general purpose and basic necessities for the early game. These unbuilt structures must be constructed either by Marines with the Use key or by MACs. The unbuilt structures can be recycled for 75% cost.
    • Provides access to basic structures: Command Station, Extractor, Infantry Portal, Armory, Robotics Factory, and Arms Lab.


Ability Cost (TRes) Default Hotkeys Prerequisite
Ammo Pack 1 E, S, Mouse 1 to drop N/A
Ammo pack icon.gif Drops an Ammo Pack that replenishes the ammo reserves of any Marine that picks it up.

5 Ammoclips (of the Armory)

Med Pack 1 E, A, Mouse 1 to drop N/A
Med pack icon.gif Drops a Medpack that heals any Marine.

25hp instantly and a further 25hp over 1 second. Pickupdelay: 0.45 seconds

Scan 3 E, F, Mouse 1 to cast Built & Powered Observatory on Map
Scan icon.gif Reveals all Alien players and structures in a limited radius. Also provides Line of Sight (LoS) for ARCs. Can be countered with Ink

Duration: 10 seconds | Range: 20m

Drop Weapon/Equipment 3, 15, 20 E, C to open tab, A/S/D/F/Z/X or Mouse 1 to select equipment, Mouse 1 to drop Relevant Weapon/Equipment researched
Drop weapons icon.gif Spends Team Resources to drop equipment for a Marine that lacks sufficient Personal Resources. All Weapons have the same equivalent res cost.

Grenades and Exosuits may not be dropped.

Advanced Support Research Researched at Command Station
Cost: 20 TRes | 90 seconds
Nano Shield 3 E, D, Mouse 1 to cast
Nano shield icon.gif Applies a protective shield to any Marine player, structure or Power Node.

Reduces all damage on target by 32% for 3 seconds. Cooldown: 10 seconds

Power Surge 3 E, Z, Mouse 1 to cast
Power surge icon.gif Powers any built Marine structure, even if the Power Node in the same room is destroyed or unbuilt. Deals damage on nearby aliens while shortly slowing their attacks.

Duration: 10 seconds | Cooldown: 10 seconds | AttackDamage: 25 | AttackSlowDown: 20% | AttackRange: 6m

Catalyst Pack 1 E, X, Mouse 1 to drop
Catalyst pack icon.gif Temporarily increases the Movement and Reload speed of any Marine that picks it up.

Duration: 5 seconds | increased movement speed: 12.5% | increased Reload speed by 25%


The Commander is solely capable of research and upgrade options that represent the Tech level of each Marine under his or her command. Marines fitted with no upgrades and basic Assault Rifles will be overwhelmed by aliens that evolve new Traits or grow into Fades or an Onos. In order to empower marines, the Commander must use Team Resources to research upgrades from the following structures.

  • Arms Lab
    • 10/20/30% additional Weapon Damage
    • 20/40/60 additional Armor