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Mapname Author Contributors Tech / Res Description Overview
ns2_tram Olmy  ? 5 / 9 The original NS2 map. Thematically designed as one of four sections of a larger complex, the other three being Refinery, Mineshaft and Docking.
ns2_refinery Insane  ? 5 / 11 A vast industrial metal refining complex. Metal ores are melt in a central room filled with lava.
ns2_mineshaft SgtBarlow  ? 5 / 11 A giant underground drilling facility built inside a cave network. The massive drill lies in the central room which is filled with resources.
ns2_docking Dux  ? 5 / 9 A human outpost, accessible either by tram or shuttle, designed to offer recreational areas for marines such as a cafeteria, a ball court or flight services.
ns2_summit pSyk0mAn Mendasp 5 / 9 A mining and research complex in the mountains, that offers multiple first expansion locations.
ns2_veil fmpone Mendasp 4 / 10 A complex situated on top of a rocky mountain which holds a satellite control center.
ns2_biodome Olmy  ? 5 / 9 A flourishing plant growing facility situated on a barren planet. Numerous species of green plants grow behind their glass cover in the long hallways or the spacious rooms.
ns2_eclipse Jonacrab  ? 4 / 9 A small weapon testing center built on top of a skyscraper. Its small rooms are linked by narrow corridors situated on different levels and filled with corners.
ns2_descent Jonacrab  ? 5 / 9 A large round shaped space station with long corridors and vast rooms. Different installations such as an artificial gravity control, a drone bay, or a water management system are spread around the station.
ns2_kodiak Loki  ? 4 / 10 A research facility situated on an asteroid in space. Mining and research installations go along a vast central room in which runs stream and a lush vegetation grows.
ns2_derelict Loki  ? 4 / 9 An old, abandoned biodome location that is fallen apart and over-run with plants.