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Welcome to Clogopedia, the Natural Selection 2 Wiki!

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The information in contained in this wiki is subject to change.
NS2 is updated frequently and not all information is up-to-date.

Latest Patch: Build 327

April 23, 2019
  • New map - Unearthed
  • Gorge Tunnels changed to Commander ability and limited to one per Hive.
  • Player Status Icons - an indication on your HUD to show any effects (scanned, parasite, spores, on fire etc.) you're currently under.
  • New Skill Tier badges
  • New HMG model and sounds!
Build 327.png
Game Information
Marine Information
Alien Information
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    A random fact from the NS2 wiki...

Dropped Weapons, Mines and Welders remain on the ground for 25 seconds then disappear, you can reset this timer by running over them ('recycling').

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