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Infestation is the foundational game mechanic of the Alien team responsible for territory expansion. It is a large, Algae-like mass that spreads across floors and onto walls.


Infestation is generated by the Hive, Gorge Tunnel, Contamination commander ability and most commonly, Cysts.


All Alien Commander abilities and Commander-built Structures with the exception of the Hive must be placed directly on Infestation.

The primary method of creating Infestation is by the Alien Commander placing Cysts across the map in a chain originating at a Hive, known as 'Cysting' (see below). This chain must be kept intact and any breaks in this chain will cause Cysts at the end to die and the Infestation they have created to recede.

Unlike Marine structures that can be places anywhere on the map with power, Alien structures must be placed on infestation and 'grown' to completion. This means that an Alien team can be typically much slower to expand than a Marine team.

All Alien structures that do not generate infestation require infestation to survive and will take 12 damage per second until death whilst off infestation. Two notable exceptions of this are the Hydra and Whip which can both live without Infestation, though it should be noted that Whips will only function if on Infestation.


A prospective Alien Commander should learn how to Cyst the map economically and defensively. Placing Cysts out in the open will usually always result in them being destroyed, therefore it is wise to utilise props and different elements of the map to 'hide' Cysts.

The game will assist the Commander by automatically placing the minimal amount of Cysts required to form a functioning chain, if a Commander places a Cyst directly at a distant point on the map. However, this will result in Cysts being placed in tactically poor locations so should be avoided in areas likely to see extended conflict.


Infestation is corrosive to Marine structures and will slowly strip down their Armor over time at a rate of 15 damager per second. It will also slow the building of Marine blueprints by 25%