Hand Grenades

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Cluster, Nerve and Pulse Grenades
"Anybody got a splatter shield?"
TSA.png Hand Grenades
Personal Resources
Icon personal resource neutral.png 3
Abilities and Upgrades
Cluster Explosion, Nerve Gas, Electrify
Tech Requirements:
Research Hand Grenades (Armory)
Buy From: Armory
Purchase By: Marines
Limit: 2 of 1 type per player


Hand Grenades are single-use Frontiersmen weapons researched by the Marine Commander from and purchased by Marines at the Armory. There are three types of Hand Grenades: Cluster, Nerve Gas, and Pulse, each with different functions; 2 Hand Grenades are provided on each purchase, and each Marine may only carry 1 grenade type at a time. Hand Grenades are accessible from the weapon 5 slot. Hand Grenades are the only weapons that Marines will not drop upon death (other than the default Pistol and Axe).

Cluster Grenade

The Cluster Grenade specializes in dealing moderate damage over a large area. Once thrown, the Cluster Grenade explodes on impact, scattering smaller short-fused bombs into the vicinity.

Cluster Grenade
Cluster grenade render.gif
Explodes and scatters smaller explosives into the area.
  • Against Flammable targets: Damage x 250%
  • Fragments scatter in random directions, but are always spread out.
  • Explosions can damage owner as well.
Hotkey 5
PRes Icon personal resource neutral.png 3
Damage 55(Grenade), 20x6(frags)
Type Flame
Radius 10(Grenade), 6(frags)
Delay 1.2 seconds
Targets Lifeforms, Structures, Self, Ground

Nerve Gas Grenade

The Nerve Gas Grenade specializes in dealing Armor damage over time in a wide area. Once thrown, the Nerve Gas Grenade lingers on the ground, as it emits a blue-colored gas cloud that dissipates after a short period.

Pulse Grenade

The Pulse Grenade specializes in dealing high burst damage and reducing Kharaa lifeform attack speed in a small area. Once thrown, the Pulse Grenade explodes on impact, unleashing an energy pulse that electrocutes lifeforms for a short time.