Hand Grenades

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{{Class | marinename=Hand Grenades | icon=Cluster grenade render.gif

Cluster Grenade

Gas grenade render.gif

Nerve Gas Grenade

Pulse grenade render.gif

Pulse Grenade

| quote=Anybody got a splatter shield? | marines=Frontiersmen | pres=3

| marinecat1=Abilities and Upgrades | ability=Cluster Explosion, Nerve Gas, Electrify

| marinecat2=Miscellaneous | prereq=Research Hand Grenades (Armory) | buyfrom=[[Armoury | buy=Marines | limit=2 of 1 type }}


Hand Grenades are single-use Frontiersmen weapons researched by the Marine Commander from and purchased by Marines at the Armoury. There are three types of Hand Grenades: Cluster, Nerve Gas, and Pulse, each with different functions; 2 Hand Grenades are provided on each purchase, and each Marine may only carry 1 grenade type at a time. Hand Grenades are accessible from the weapon 5 slot.

Cluster Grenade

The Cluster Grenade specializes in dealing moderate damage over a large area. Once thrown, the Cluster Grenade explodes on impact, scattering smaller short-fused bombs into the vicinity.

Nerve Gas Grenade

The Nerve Gas Grenade specializes in dealing Armor damage over time in a wide area. Once thrown, the Nerve Gas Grenade lingers on the ground, as it emits a blue-colored gas cloud that dissipates after a short period.

Pulse Grenade

The Pulse Grenade specializes in dealing high burst damage and reducing Kharaa lifeform attack speed in a small area. Once thrown, the Pulse Grenade explodes on impact, unleashing an energy pulse that electrocutes lifeforms for a short time.