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While the Wiki contains technical information it doesn't always advice you how to utilize this information.

Disclaimer: The NS2 Wiki is not responsible for the content of third-party sites.

Tutorial Collection of all up to date guides.



Explains all movement techniques in order to maintain maximum speed, in order to dodge effectively or what you need to know to master the Skulk Challenge
List of useful Trickjumps for Marines with Videos.


NS2 is lacking proper Commander tutorials, feel free to make one!

Currently only explains the strongest default techpath


Template:Marine Guides


Template:Skulk Guides


A huge tiplist is currently being developed that can be currently accessed in discord and is planned to be implemented ingame and included in the wiki.

You can already access them in the official Discord several community Discords that have the HiveStalker bot that is currently in the channel #hive-queries using the !tip command.