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This article contains links to various community-authored guides that provide hints & tips on how to improve your skill in specific facets of NS2 gameplay. Increasing your knowledge and acquiring certain skillsets such as movement techniques and map awareness can help you to increase your Player Skill, and even ascend to Sanji Survivor !Tier 7.png

Info: Community guides are primarily opinion pieces and therefore may contain conflicting information and information that is no longer relevant due to changes to game mechanics.


Warning: The NS2 Wiki is not responsible for the content of third-party sites.


Quick guide for beginners and advanced players alike. The must-know essentials to not suck and not be lost in the game.
In this guide, I will help you understand more and get better at the most iconic and most played map of Natural Selection 2 : ns2_veil.


Explains all movement techniques in order to maintain maximum speed, in order to dodge effectively or what you need to know to master the Skulk Challenge
List of useful Trickjumps for Marines with Videos.

Options ( including NS2+)

Recommended NS2+ settings for competitive play






Warning: The Gorge Tutorials are all older then the recent 327 Build and thereforce partly outdated.



Tip List

A tip list is currently being developed that can be currently accessed in discord and is planned to be implemented in-game and included in the wiki.

You can already access them in the official Discord and several community Discords that have the HiveStalker bot.

On the official Discord the bot is currently in the channel #hive-queries, use the !tip command.

External Guide Collections

Tutorial Collection of all up to date guides.