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GX Tactical Flamethrower
Flamethrower side normal.png
Damage See Damage
Type Flame
Fire Rate ignition time 0.7 seconds
Reload Speed 5.2 seconds
Clip Size 12.5 seconds of fuel
Ammo 4
Requires Advanced Armoury


The Flamethrower or FT is an area denial weapon employed by the Marines. It holds 12.5 seconds of accelerant at any one time and a Marine can carry a maximum of 4 extra accelerant tanks, making for a total burn time of 62.5 seconds, or just over one minute.

The Flamethrower can set Alien structures and units on fire, slightly reducing the energy regeneration of Lifeforms and disabling the passive abilities of structures:

Burning Properties

  • sets Players on Fire for maximum 2.1 seconds
  • sets Structures on Fire for 2.1 seconds
    • a single shot from the Flame Thrower increases the burning time by 2.1 seconds
    • maximum burning time for structures is set to 6 seconds

Note that the burn duration of the flamethrower is only 2.1 seconds for Players., while the reload is 5.2 seconds. This means that whips initially disabled by being set on fire will be able to attack a flamethrower user before they finish reloading.

The Flamethrower takes longer to destroy most structures than the standard Assault Rifle without any upgrades, making it a poor choice against buildings. The Flamethrower is not affected by Arms Lab upgrades.

Status Effect

Status: Fire

Effects of being (on) Fire:

  • Hives will not heal units.
  • Crags will not heal units.
  • Shifts will not regenerate the energy pool.
  • Shades will not cloak nearby units.
  • Whips will not attack.
Tip: Fire can greatly assist in assaulting fortified positions such as Hives and Tunnels.

Removal of On Fire

  • Heal Spray of the Gorge can instantly extinguish the Fire.
  • After the burning time limit of the weapon is reached.
Note: Currently only the Flame Thrower sets structures On Fire

Damage Type

Main Article: Damage Types

The Flamethrower deals Flame damage, a form of "Super Light" damage to lifeforms. While normal Light damage does 70% to armor and 30% to health, this special damage type does 90% armor damage and 10% health damage. While some may say this is a positive (see Crush), it is most certainly a downside against life forms because of another property of this damage type: Each point of armor absorbs 9 incoming damage instead of the standard 2 that Normal damage applies. This means that shooting continuously at point-blank range, one cannot kill an un-upgraded gorge at level 1 biomass with the 12.5 seconds of fuel available in a tank.

It also does 2.5x damage to all flammable Alien structures (Bone Walls, Clogs, Contamination, Cysts, Egg Hydras and Webs).