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GX Tactical Flamethrower
Flamethrower side normal.png
Hotkey 1
Damage See Damage
Type Flame
Fire Rate ignition time 0.7 seconds
Reload Speed 5.2 seconds
Clip Size 12.5 seconds of fuel
Ammo 4
Requires Advanced Armoury


The Flamethrower or FT is an anti-infestation weapon employed by the Marines. It holds 12.5 seconds of accelerant at any one time and a Marine can carry a maximum of 4 extra accelerant tanks, making for a total burn time of 62.5 seconds, or just over one minute.

The Flamethrower can set Alien structures and units on fire, severely reducing the energy regeneration of Lifeforms and disabling the passive abilities of structures, i.e. Crags will not heal units, Shifts will not regenerate the energy pool of units and Shades will not cloak nearby units. This attribute makes it very useful for assaulting fortified positions, such as Hives and Gorge Tunnels.

The Flamethrower is not affected by Arms Lab upgrades.

Damage Type

Main Article: Damage Types

The Flamethrower deals Flame damage meaning that while it does Normal damage to lifeforms and most structures, it does 2.5x damage to all flammable Alien structures (Bone Walls Clogs, Contamination, Cysts, Egg Hydras and Webs).