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Commanding is the Real-time Strategy (RTS) aspect of Natural Selection 2. The role of Commander is assumed by one player from the Marines and Aliens by entering the Marine Command Station and the Alien Hive. Having a Commander is the common attribute between two otherwise very different teams.

Both Commanders receive a top-down view of the map, as in any normal RTS Game and are tasked with giving orders and directions to their team, placing structures on the map and upgrading the abilities of their team.

Marine Commander vs Alien Commander

The primary difference between the Marine and Alien Commanders is that;

The Marine Commander gives real-time direct support to Marines on the map, via med-packs, ammo packs, catalyst packs, nanoshield and scans. The Alien Commander interacts with the environment as opposed to their team, to create optimal conditions for the Alien team to expand and conquer territory.