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Badges are small icons displayed in-game next to a users name on the scoreboard to signify different roles or accolades in the community. You can find more information on the Observatory website.

In-game badges list
Category Badge(s) Description More Information
Commander  Awarded for Commanding in-game, for a period of 10 hours. (Winning hours count as double). Link
Reinforced - Supporter
Reinforced - Silver
Reinforced - Gold
Reinforced - Diamond
Reinforced - Shadow
Reinforced - Onos
Reinforced - Insider
Reinforced - Game Director 
Awarded for donating to the development of NS2 via the Reinforcement program.
Note: The Reinforcement program has now ended.
Squad 5
Squad 5 Blue
Squad 5 Silver
Squad 5 Gold 
Squad 5 membership is awarded to members of the community for any project that benefits NS2.
(Formerly known as the NS2 E-Team).
2013 World Championship
World Championship - Supporter
World Championship - Silver
World Championship - Gold
World Championship - Shadow 
Awarded for donating to the 2013 World Championship, similar to the Reinforced program but solely for funding the tournament. Link
2013 World Championship Live Event Participants
World Championship Participant - Bronze
World Championship Participant - Silver
World Championship Participant - Gold 
Awarded for reaching the 2013 World Championship semi-finals and final. Link
Constellation  Awarded to players who donated to UWE during the production of the original Natural Selection mod. Link
Retired Developer 
These badges are worn exclusively by UWE Developers and former developers. Link
Community Dev Team  This badge is worn exclusively by members of the Community Development Team. Link
NS1 Playtester
These badges are awarded to Playtesters and Maptesters. Link
Pax East 2012  This badge is awarded to players who met the UWE team at a PAX East convention. Link
March Mod Madness
March Mod Madness Participant
March Mod Madness Finalist
March Mod Madness Winner 
Awarded for participating in, reaching the final of and winning the 2017 March Mod Tournament respectively. Link Season 11
ENSL Season 11 Division 1 Winner
ENSL Season 11 Division 2 Winner 
Awarded to the winners of the 11th season of the tournament. Link Newcomer Tournaments 2017
ENSL Newcomer Tournament 2017 Participant
ENSL Newcomer Tournament 2017 Finalist
ENSL Newcomer Tournament 2017 Winner 
Awarded for participating in, reaching the final of and winning one of the Newcomer Tournaments in 2017 respectively. Link
Skulk Challenge (Tram)
Skulk Challenge (Tram) Bronze
Skulk Challenge (Tram) Silver
Skulk Challenge (Tram) Gold
Skulk Challenge (Tram) Shadow 
Awarded to players who unlocked the given time tiers of the in-game Skulk Challenge. Link
Badge marine.png
Badge clawmarks.png
Badge wrench.png
Badge hughnicorn.png 
These badges exist in the game files but are currently unused in any official builds.

Custom badges

Many servers support custom badges via the use of server-side modifications. Official badges will have their own description from the list above while custom badges will usually always say "Custom Badge".