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Arms Lab

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Arms Lab
Arms lab idle.gif
TSA.png Frontiersmen
Team Resources
Icon team resource neutral.gif 15
Icon marine supply.gif 0 / 200
Abilities and Upgrades
Weapons 1 > 2 > 3, Armor 1 > 2 > 3
Weapon 1, Armor 1
Build Time: 20 seconds
Builds From: Marine Commander
Buy From: Build Tab
Hotkey: x


The Arms Lab is the Frontiersmen upgrade research structure created by the Marine Commander. Marines or MACs are required to assemble the unbuilt structure and Power Nodes nearby.

When powered, it can be used to research weapon and armor upgrades for Marines and Exosuits. If the Arms Lab gets destroyed while an upgrade is researching, the research gets aborted and the research costs are lost.

Tactical Summary - Arms Lab
  • Arms Lab upgrades increase your marines combat strengh, so it is recommended to get it early in the game.
  • Arms Lab upgrades are the only passive upgrades on the Marine team.



Weapon Upgrades

Weapon Upgrades are damage upgrades researched by the Marine Commander from an Arms Lab. Each level increases damage of certain weapons by 10% and costs more Team Resources and time to research. Weapon Upgrades affect the following weapons: Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Machine Gun, Pistol, Switch-Axe and Exosuit Minigun and Railgun.

Weapon Upgrades
Upgrades Damage Increase TRes Cost Research Time
Icon weapons1.png

Weapons 1
Increases damage dealt by 10%. 20 Team Resources. 60 Seconds.
Icon weapons2.png

Weapons 2
Increases damage dealt by 20%. 30 Team Resources 90 Seconds.
Icon weapons3.png

Weapons 3
Increases damage dealt by 30%. 40 Team Resources 120 Seconds.

Armor Upgrades

Armor Upgrades are a defensive upgrade researched by the Marine Commander from an Arms Lab. Each level increases Marine armor by 20 points and Exosuit armor by 45 points, as well as costs more Team Resources and time to research.

Armor Upgrades
Upgrades Armor Increase TRes Cost Research Time
Icon armor1.png

Armor 1
Increases marine armor by 20 and Exosuit armor by 45. 20 Team Resources. 60 Seconds.
Icon armor2.png

Armor 2
Increases marine armor by 40 and Exosuit armor by 90. 30 Team Resources 90 Seconds.
Icon armor3.png

Armor 3
Increases marine armor by 60 and Exosuit armor by 135. 40 Team Resources 120 Seconds.

Triggered Abilities


Recycling a structure

Recycle enables the Marine Commander to return a portion of Team Resources by recycling a structure. The recycling process lasts a short duration, after which a maximum of 75% Team Resources used to create the structure is refunded. However, the amount of Team Resources refunded depends on the remaining health of the structure on recycle completion. The higher the structure's health, the more resources are refunded.

Note: You can't recycle the Arms Lab while researching an upgrade. Instead, you have to cancel the research first, then you can recycle the structure.

Recycle buildmenu.png
Recycles the structure over time and refunds resources based on initial cost and current Health. Recycle can be canceled by Marine Commander or by destroying the structure.
Hotkey V
TRes Icon team resource neutral.gif 75% x initial cost
Duration 6 seconds
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as of Build 325
(Current Build : 326)