Ammo Pack

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Ammunition Pack
"Need some ammo over here!"
TSA.png Frontiersmen
Team Resources
Marines res.png 1
Builds From: Marine Commander
Buy From: Commander Abilities
Hotkey: A


The Ammo Pack is a Marine Commander purchasable assistance utility used to refill a Marine's weapon reserve clips. It can be accessed from the Assist tab in the Commander Menu, and dropped by the Commander anywhere on the map. When a Marine is currently wielding an ammo-based weapon, he can walk over an Ammo Pack to automatically pick it up and receive 5 clips.

Tactical Summary - Ammunition Packs
  • Each pack obtained by the player will refill 5 magazines.
  • Special weapons such as Shotguns, Flamethrowers and Grenade Launchers will drop leftover ammo as an ammopack.
  • When dropping ammo packs its best do do so around 50% ammo not around 25%.
  • Offset the costs of ammo pack drops in the field or in hold positions, it may be better to build an armory instead to save you Team Rez on healthpacks and ammo.