Alien Vision

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Alien Vision highlights Players and Structures, giving Aliens a huge advantage when fighting a Marine. It can be modified via Mods or NS2Plus.

Using colors that are the most comfortable to you, your UI or Crosshair can help you to improve your game experience. A darker Alien Vision can help you to focus less on the map and more on your targets.


Alternative Alien Vision styles can be found in:

  1. NS2Plus - Options - UI : You can choose between several Alien Visions (Note: CrazyAV takes quite a toll on a mediocre GPU!)
  2. Steam Workshop Mods (have usually better performance)
    Steps to activate an Alien Vision Mod can be found in Mods

Warning: Alien Vision Mods do not work if you don't use the default Mod within NS2Plus!


The following are some examples of Alien Visions with different Mods or NS2+ Settings, except the first one: