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Alien Commander Banner.png

See Commanding Aliens Instructions


Alien Commander Abilities
Assist Tab Drifter
Heal wave icon.gif Ink icon.gif Echo icon.gif Enzyme cloud icon.gif Hallucination cloud icon.gif Mucous membrane icon.gif
Heal Wave Ink Echo Enzyme Cloud Hallucination Cloud Mucous Membrane
Nutrient mist icon.gif Rupture icon.gif Bone wall icon.gif Contamination icon.gif
Nutrient Mist Rupture Bone Wall Contamination
  • Heal Wave, Ink, and Echo require a nearby Crag, Shade, or Shift to activate.
    • Requires Crag/Shade/Shift Hive types to unlock.
  • Nutrient Mist, Rupture, and Bone Wall can be used anywhere on Infestation.
    • Requires Biomass levels 1 to 3 to unlock.
  • Contamination can be placed anywhere on the map.
    • Requires Biomass level 9 (see below).
  • Enzyme Cloud, Hallucination Cloud, and Mucous Membrane require Shift/Shade/Crag Hive types to unlock.

Direct Commander Abilities

Bone Wall

Bone Wall
Bone wall icon.gif
  • Creates an obstruction which blocks marines and grenades
  • Has 100 health + 100 per biomass level (400 when it unlocks at biomass level 3) and no armor
TRes Icon team resource neutral.gif 3
Duration 6 seconds
Cooldown 10 seconds


Rupture icon.gif
  • Creates a small structure which spreads infestation and spews three rounds of bile in affected area.
  • The structure has 1000 health, 0 armor and is flammable.
  • The biles splash in range of 6 meters in 2 seconds intervals causing damage between 0 and ~600 depending on distance to target
TRes Icon team resource neutral.gif 5
Duration 20 seconds
Cooldown 6 seconds


Rupture icon.gif
  • Explodes in an 8.7 meter radius
  • Obscures marine vision and parasites them
TRes Icon team resource neutral.gif 3
Duration (parasite) 10 seconds
Delay 1.25 seconds
Cooldown 10 seconds

Tech Tree

WhipShiftShadeCragHiveHarvesterDrifterCystCrag HiveDrifterCystShift HiveDrifterShellVeilSpurCystShade HiveDrifterVampirismCarapaceRegenerationFocusCamoflageAuraCrushCelerityAdrenalineBiomass 1Biomass 2Biomass 3Biomass 4Biomass 5Biomass 6Biomass 7Biomass 8Biomass 9Biomass 10Bile MineWebRuptureOnos ChargeBone WallBile BombMetabolizeLeapSporesUmbraAdvanced MetabolizeBone ShieldStabStompXenocideContaminationAlien TechtreeTEST.png
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